Circleville Herald, June 25, 2007


Dear Editor,

"They are being treated like toys a rich kid got for Christmas" despairs U.S. Army veteran and author Kurt Vonnegut, writing in sympathy for our troops in Iraq. On this Fourth of July holiday, let us work to get our sons and daughters, and our nation back.

Our strike-first war on Iraq is not wrong because it is creating more terrorists than it destroys, it was wrong from it's inception. It is un-American to launch a strike-first war, un-American to twist intelligence, un-American to torture in secret prisons, un-American and uncivilized to hold suspects without habeas corpus or hope of justice, un-American to abuse the Constitution with signing statements, un-American to taunt the enemy to "Bring it on!" (June 2003) as if we were engaged in some national football game . It is un-Christian to claim one is guided by the compassionate ministry of Jesus while launching a war that fails any established Christian criteria for a just war, un-American to claim that Congress and the Courts have no control over the President, that we, the people have no right to question when and against whom we go to war.

A bad war does not mean a bad soldier Support our troops by bringing them home, stop repeated deployments, extended tours, stop-loss polices that amount to slavery. Demand the best medical and psychiatric care for those physically and mentally traumatized in Iraq.

Over 2,000 active duty troops have signed the petition for redress of grievances sponsored by Iraq Veterans Against the War and Veterans for Peace. Please act! Call, write your Congressional representatives, write a letter to the Editor, send money to peace groups, work to stop this un-American and un-Christian war. Join us for peace and justice every Thursday at "Cost of War: The Final Formation." 9800 SR 22 East 4:30 -7:00 p.m. and the first Friday of every month on the Pickaway County Courthouse steps 4:30-7:00 p.m. Thanks to the hundreds of drivers honking in support of our actions! Let's get that continuous honking heard at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on this Fourth of July!

Brad Cotton

Member, Veterans for Peace, Southern Ohio Chapter